Since you asked, here is some information about Ted:

    Details:     56 yrs.  6'1"  210 lbs.
    Occupation:  Medical Research / Regulatory Affairs
    Employer:    Cook Incorporated
    Training:    B.S. Chemistry (University of Nebraska)
                 Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry (Iowa State University)
    Interests:   Computers, bicycling, and reading
    Pictures:    On Poncha Pass  more recent
    Computers:   PIII, 600 MHz, 1GB RAM, 80+160GB HDs, Slackware 10.2
                 HP200LX, 16MHz, 640kB RAM, 32MB HD, DOS 5.0
                 Fujitsu P7010D, 1.1GHz PM, 1GB RAM, 60GB HD, WinXP Pro

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 Last updated on 13 Nov 2011

Theodore (Ted) Heise      Bloomington, IN, USA